TDot Performance – Automotive Performance Parts and Accessories

TDot Performance is one of Canada’s leading automotive performance parts providers. Its extensive selection of auto parts, OEM products, and accessories spans multiple categories. Its website features over 600,000 items, and free shipping is offered to anywhere in Canada. With a focus on high-quality products, TDot Performance has the parts and accessories you need to … [Read more…]

Maserati Updates

Maserati boss Pininfarina has confirmed that Maserati is quitting its deal with Ferrari. The statement came during the end of the first-half fiscal year on an Italian financial daily. According to an Italian financial daily, quoting an industry source, Camilleri said during the call with an investor following up on a report in the La … [Read more…]

Lift Kits/Suspension Systems

Suspension is the mechanical system of parts, tire pressure, spring compressors, shocks, links and retainers that connected a vehicle to its suspension system and enables it to absorb unevenly distributed force between its two wheels. Good suspension systems should support ride quality and both road holding/ Handling and ride quality, both of which are in … [Read more…]

Who Makes BF Goodrich Tires?

Many brands of tires are still produced in the United States amid consolidations in the tire producing world. Some of the tire products, which were originally manufactured by US firms, are now made by international conglomerates with manufacturing plants mainly based in the eastern United States. Popularly known for off-road performance and mostly fitted jeeps … [Read more…]

Online Automotive Part Stores.

Many online automotive part stores will offer a price match guarantee on each other shop – if you find a online store that sells the part you are looking for at the price you want, they will add a price match guarantee to their besides making sure they are not missing out on sales. For … [Read more…]