Online Automotive Part Stores.

Many online automotive part stores will offer a price match guarantee on each other shop – if you find a online store that sells the part you are looking for at the price you want, they will add a price match guarantee to their besides making sure they are not missing out on sales. For many of us that can be an added expense we simply don’t need to worry about (we already have enough to worry about!)

Understanding Terms

Online stores will often have more then one type of auto part – from one brand they may separate themselves into different brands, and sometimes systems. These are all factors to consider – for example, one part may be designed for a particular car brand or system. Generally speaking, aftermarket parts are more expensive than the original equipment, the reason being is they generally do not contain the same quality and safety ratings of the original equipment.

One common term you will hear – and that is SKILLED. When you need to purchase a replacement part, if you have the option of paying for it over the Internet or at the store – buy the SKILLED version. If the part is not SKILLED – don’t buy it. If you take your car to the store and the mechanic has to determine the way the part goes in, or what goes on during the install, that is a SKILLED job. If you don’t care, tell the mechanic not to work on your car.

Times behind the change

Generally speaking, if you need a replacement auto part quickly, you are most likely best off with an in-store purchase. An in-store purchase usually takes the same amount of time as the Internet purchase, and you won’t have to worry about paying for shipping or wait for parts to arrive. An in-store purchase technician can also verify accurate part pricing and the actual low-priced parts by using the On-Board Diagnostic port they ship the part with. Because of the on-board diagnostic port it is quicker and easier to determine correct part pricing and install parts, as well as access great parts discounts.

By order of importance, speed, and repeatability – not necessarily price or availability.

Auto Parts Discount – credits earned from auto part retailers

The scraping method used by mechanics to ‘garage’ excess auto parts. This is warehouseing where all stock that isn’t sold is removed – this is good for you, as you can probably get an auto part cheaper than if you waiting to ship home, and you do not have to worry about picking up warehouse billed items.

Credit Card and Other Types of Payment Fiorfficaining an online auto part store with an auto part discount. It is vital to choose an online web store that not only offers completeSLIPinto your site, but one that also allows you to ‘like’ other web stores you may be shopping at. So far though, I’ve only witnessed one web site do this – and recommend it for its other practical webstore features.

Forum and forums. These web sites are basically venues where two or more auto part retailers can talk shop. The members – who are like customers of the web site – post opinions, wall posts, reviews, and comments about the products. Some accessory web sites have bonus mini-product sites where you can provide information about products and post pictures.

Auto forums are basically forums where people go when they have a question about a product or about the services of a retailer. People can post questions, share information, and just have fun talking shop with other people who have similar shoes to yours.

If you find an auto part online store that doesn’t have a forum, create one. It just makes sense to do so – especially if your web store is centered around an auto part brand that is typically – yet somewhat generic (like V Atk or Neon 18 Spot).


If you are shopping for auto parts, please go to web stores that have free comments on payment methods, and do shop there. Even if you have a specific accessory in mind – shop around. This is a good way to find other people who have shop experience, and to get valuable input on the choice you are faced with.

Many web stores offer service staff on their web site or via email, but without a forum of many like-minded people, how do you find the people to “get in touch” if you are not interested in being “bored” with the same products and services that everyone else is using?

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