Who Makes BF Goodrich Tires?

Many brands of tires are still produced in the United States amid consolidations in the tire producing world. Some of the tire products, which were originally manufactured by US firms, are now made by international conglomerates with manufacturing plants mainly based in the eastern United States.

Popularly known for off-road performance and mostly fitted jeeps and trucks, several tire brands seem more American than BFGoodrich, but where are BFGoodrich tires manufactured? Most tires in the American market are not made in the USA. Actually, some researchers place the market penetration of tires made abroad as high as 80%. Therefore, BFG Goodrich tires are in the minority.

Therefore, if you are shopping for American-made tires, BFGoodrich can be a safe bet. This firm manufactures tires in three facilities located in Opelika, Wooburn, and Tuscaloosa.

Actually, one can check if the car tires are manufactured in the USA. All the tires manufactured and sold in the USA come with a DOT number on the sidewall. The tires marked with a BF are made in Woodburn, IN, those marked with BE are manufactured in Tuscaloosa, AL, and those marked with AN are manufactured in Opelika, AL.

While BFGoodrich was initially an American tire manufacturer, it is now owned by Michelin. The French tire maker Michelin bought BFGoodrich in 1990 along with its subsidiary Uniroyal.

The history of BFGoodrich

However, in 1870 Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich founded BFGoodrich with a long history in the USA. BFG was the first US tire manufacturer to produce radial tires and can make numerous other industry firsts. Of particular note is Henry Ford’s choice of BFGoodrich pneumatic tires to match Model A, including the specific Model A, the first American car.

BFG may be best known for the offroad and truck tires. The company manufactures nine exclusive tires, ranging from specialist mud-terrain tires to those better suited for motorway driving for various off-road applications.

Why BFGoodrich tires?

With a sophisticated taste, BFGoodrich manufactures tires made purposely for the driver. BFGoodrich is inspired by Playground Earth’s racetracks and off-road realms to offer you tested tires on the most challenging areas you can imagine. That is why BFGoodrich pneumatics is the source of top driving schools and enthusiasts.

BFGoodrich’s tires are designed by people inspired by tracks and off-road trails. Its proof goes from the thousand-mile trek across Baja to the hairpin curve on the famous International Raceway of Sebring. These laboratories help the firm to achieve the best in high-performance sports vehicles, serene off-road equipment, and everything between them. BFGoodrich pneumatics provide excellent durability and performance.

Driving fans are not the only ones who like their vehicles. Whoever lives with an adventure sense needs a way to go out and explore the world. BFGoodrich tires believe you will have fun along the way wherever you are interested.

The firm’s tires are made and produced by enthusiasts—persons on the road for days or on weekends. They work to continuously enhance tire performance because they want a tire to do the same thing: more power, more grip, and more wheel smiles. The driving love is BFGoodrich tires’ long-term spirit.

You choose how much fun you can have in the driver’s seat when you choose a tire. The tire for you is the BFGoodrich brand if you can appreciate higher efficiency. Decades of success in motor racing allows the firm to design tires to provide you with the grip and control you need for your driving – on or off the track. The more influence you have, the more enjoyable you would also have.


BFGoodrich manufactures tires for those who wouldn’t do it any other way. As a superior manufacturer of tires, they are proud to claim that they have been passionately performance driven since the onset.

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