Lift Kits/Suspension Systems

Suspension is the mechanical system of parts, tire pressure, spring compressors, shocks, links and retainers that connected a vehicle to its suspension system and enables it to absorb unevenly distributed force between its two wheels. Good suspension systems should support ride quality and both road holding/ Handling and ride quality, both of which are in opposition to each other. Suspension kits, on the other hand, are used for suspension and can be customized to suit different makes and models of vehicles. In general, suspension kits are divided into three categories:

The first one is a drum suspension systems that uses a drum that is shaped like a cylinder to hold a load. These are often found on high-performance vehicles such as sports cars. They are however not suitable for normal road cars as they often come off when there is a collision. Upgraded from drum to disc suspension systems take advantage of a disc that can resist lateral forces by transmitting them to the axle. The axle then transfers the force to the wheels of the vehicle and results in better handling and road grip.

Another category is independent suspension systems that use coil springs to dampen vibration and increase ride stability. By using these coils, you can avoid some squeaking sounds that can be heard from standard shock absorbers. Lastly, there are lift kits that are designed to help cars absorb bumps that are usually found in every corner of the car. Just like the other suspension systems, these lift kits also use suspension bars that fit underneath the wheels of your car and make use of springs to dampen any vibration caused by the road. Both of these products however, cannot be used in place of the suspension systems because their operation requires an entirely new suspension system.

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